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Venice in April – Burano excursion

JW Marriott port cochere for boats

Meetings completed, we headed out as a group to the farthest island in the lagoon called Burano. this charming town is best known for its lace making while it’s larger sister island Murano beguiles the world with is crystal glass manufacturing.

Colorful canals of Burano

About an hour by boat, we reached this enchanting town by 10:30am before the crowds arrived from the mainland. We strolled the canals in small groups with window shopping and people watching for 3 hours before we returned to our host hotel.

Who needs Pisa, the bell tower at Burano leans much more

It seems that the town folk of Burano have some humor as well. They planted a cypress at the same leaning angle as the bell tower.

Charming canals of Burano

Having been fortunate to visit Venice several times before, I had never made it to Burano till today and I loved it. It is very different from tge much busier Murano and the main island which was teaming with visitors on this sunny afternoon. I highly recommend a visit which is easily done by Vaporetto or by excursion. our 3 hours were the right amount of time as it allowed a leisurely stroll and time to sit and chill in one of many local places. Don’t miss the little bites called cicchetti which are Italy’s version of tapas. If the trendy Aperol Spritz is not your thing, then have a Prosecco instead. Either way, it is a relaxed lifestyle here very much in the dolce vita tradition.

Mid day cicchetti (Venetian tapas) with mandatory Aperol Spritz

An afternoon of rooftop swimming and camaraderie among fellow travel trade folks later, we all met for a farewell dinner on the grounds of the JW Marriott which used to house a respiratory sanatorium before it was converted to a hotel in 2015.

Deconsecrated church now used as a dining venue

As culinary elements where the main attraction on this trip, my final blog will recap tge meals in more detail. Stay tuned for mouthwatering details of Venetian gastronomy coming in the morning.

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