2017 Germany trip with IAA

Dresden the gem of the former east Germany 

After a reinvigorating drive on the smooth and efficient German autobahn at some amazing speeds, we arrived in Dresden. 

We spent a relaxing night with a mini keg of smoked beer from Bamberg, complete with cold cuts and cheese. 

Thanks his morning, we gathered early for a discovery walk of the famous Semper Oper and the Zwinger, a baroque outdoor celebration park. A lovely steamboat ride on the Elbe river allowed us to relax a bit and enjoy the region. 

Back on land, we continued a walking tour through the opera building and then through town. The city has seen massive destruction from WWII and while the former GDR began restaurations to rebuild, it took the reunification to give Dresden its former glory back. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this city with its many public gardens and squares and I cannot wait to come back in two years and visit it’s museums. There are several gems not to be missed.  More on that on a later post. 

5 thoughts on “Dresden the gem of the former east Germany 

  1. Wow! Loved the pictures and that incredible video. Outstanding. And, nothing like having a seasoned travel guide to plan and report on the experience. I almost feel like I’m with you–not really…but, almost. Thank you.


  2. So sorry I have not commented earlier but your blog has been posted in my “social box” which I never use.
    Pictures are wonderful as usual. Would have loved to tour the auto expo with you! Sounds like a fun day.
    Also the Maerklin factory. I love Hamlins train room in London, could spend all day thete.
    Continue to enjoy your trip. Love your comments! Stay safe and enjoy!


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