2017 Germany trip with IAA

A dream trip is coming to an end

One last night in Dresden. We walked across the Elbe river to the finance ministry and sat on the steps, looking over the city by night. It was a mild late summer evening in great company. 

Then it was time for a last Oktober fest beer at the Augustiner Keller. 

At 430am the alarm rang and it was time to get up and drive back to Düsseldorf. 6 hours later, all checked in, we boarded air Berlin to fly back to San Francisco. 

Traditionally, the flight is a transition time – on the one hand saddened by the end of a trip and on the other the return home to Stella and oscar. 12 hours, 2 cocktails and movies are about the right ingredients for this aspect of the trip. 

A stunning view of the city by the bay is a nice plus. 

Thanks for following our adventures. It will be a while before I blog again. 

2 thoughts on “A dream trip is coming to an end

  1. Welcome home. I can tell it was an especially good trip. But, then again, isn’t that always the case. You guys do it well. Love, Mom


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