2017 Christmas road trip

Christmas road trip part 5 (final)

We are back home – 2758 miles later. What a great trip it was! Thank you to Hertz for a great rental car and, if anyone is in the market for a three-row crossover, give the Kia Sorrento a shot. Greg and I were very impressed with its road feel, amenities and sporty driving feel. (Note: Kia did not sponsor or pay for this endorsement).

Lots of you asked about our entertainment along the way. We listened via usb connection to our favorite DJ #mattdarey as podcasts. It is the perfect road music if you love electronic beats. We do!

As far as road snacks are concerned, we stocked up on skittles and made our obligatory stop at In & Out.

As a close out the f the trip, here are some images along I-40 through New Mexico, arizona and the Mohave desert in California.

Thanks to all for following my blog. A happy new year to all amd stay tuned for my next adventure on Allure of the Seas starting on January 7th 2018.


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