2017 Christmas road trip

Christmas road trip part 4

Pardon the delay in updating you on the Santa Fe part of the trip. We were busy celebrations with family. Greg too his dad Quinn on a scenic drive while Diana picked up Julie from The Albuquerque airport. That left me to spend quality time with my niece and nephew Lydia and Walker whom introduced me to an amazing art collective called Meow Wolf. The experience is hard to describe but if you ever find yourself in Santa Fe, I recommend it highly.

The experience is housed in a former bowling alley and the visit begins by walking through the front door of a Victorian house. Within, you find portals to secret worlds. For example, you can climb into the washing machine and find yourself. Surrounded by clithing and a video screen. Then you climb on and find a tree house with art installations, secret rooms with music and art interactions and so much more. It is mind-blowingly Lydia and Walker inspiring and surreal. My two guides shared with me their faves and we had inspiring conversations.

After some play in the yard with Stella, we gathered for s feast of chilaquilles and other goodies and a great time was had by all.

Stay tuned for the fifth and final installment from the journey home.

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