2018 Hawaii Adventure

North Shore drive and more

Another early morning awaited us with blue skies and almost no wind. The perfect setting to climb diamond head.

It has been 22 years since I did that last and the entire experience has changed. There is now a visitor center with a huge parking lot in the crater. Concrete paths take you up the crater rim amd the crowds were crazy.

It felt more like a waiting line slowly snaking it’s way to the main attraction (Disneyland rides come to mind) than a nature walk.

Nevertheless, the views are stunning and it is a must do at some point. We debated if 6am or late afternoon would be better but couldn’t agree.

Well earned after the hike, we treated ourselves to the famous pillowy, stretchy, and oh so soft Malasadas from Leonard’s bakery – a landmark since 1952.

Treats continued as we made our way to Dole Plantation for a frozen treat and later, we enjoyed amazing local shrimp from a great food truck.

The drive along north shore ended with me taking a nap in the back seat. No wonder after all that sugar!

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