2018 Hawaii Adventure

Kona here we come

It was time to say good bye to Oahu and make our way south to the Big Island via Hawaiian Airlines flight 358 on a Boeing 717 (née McDonald Douglas MD-80).We enjoyed our time on Oahu but we are ready for new adventures. One piece of advice, if renting a car or considering buying one, don’t take a Chevrolet Equinox of the 2018 generation. Our model had less than 5k miles amd it rattled and creaked like crazy everywhere. The most serious issue was the very uncomfortable angle of the pedals in relations to the driver seat. I had cramps in my right leg every day. (Pictures below to show what the car looks like)Once aboard Hawaiian all was forgotten and we got to Kona in a short 40 minutes.

Once at the Royal Kona Hotel, we settled in at the pool and chilled out.

More adventures will follow…

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