2018 Hawaii Adventure

The story of a pig…

Attending a Luau may seem like a touristy thing to do but there is lots of local Hawaiian culture embedded in this ceremony. It all starts hours before the feast with a fire in a pit filled with lava rocks. Here at the Royal Kona Hotel on the Big Island, access to the Imu is granted to all from the first step onward.

Once the fire has thoroughly heated the lava rocks, they are carefully arranged to create a bed for the pig. In go banana leaves, then the pig is nestled in between and covered with more leaves, wet towels and finally the entire mound is covered with dirt.

About 8hours later, the dirt is removed and the fully roasted pig is laid bare from its earthen oven. Tasty, succulent and so flavorful.

Unfortunately, due to persistent rain the Luau celebration got cancelled at the last minute and we couldn’t partake in the festivities.

You know what this means? We’ll have to return one day soon to complete the experience.

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