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Vienna part two

Overnight, the rain blew away and summer temperatures with blue sky returned. It was welcomed news as my program included a paddle boat experience in the wild Danube National Park.b05eeeef-4e6d-444b-ab8a-d4bd48c8bdb2-5702-0000018cf3c0933a_file-e1525108757409.jpgDue to the fact that we were on paddle boats, I safely stored my cellphone and other valuables on the bus which unfortunately means no pictures for this adventure. I admit freely that my recent mistake of washing my I-phone scared me enough not to want to take any chances.

However, I can highly recommend this nature experience to anyone that has been in Vienna before. The afternoon was about relaxing and catching up on emails. Then we all dressed up for the Gala night on the rooftop terrace at the Sofitel Vienna. People in the pics above include Kim Lucy (Director of national accounts Canada) and then Michele Saegesser (VP of Sales), Ana Parodi (Director national accounts US) Viking Cruises with Darren Dolan (Business development director for Florida).

A special highlight was the concert by the Vienna Boys Choir absolutely amazing!

One thought on “Vienna part two

  1. All enthralling. I can’t wait to hear even more! Each location has been an outstanding experience of its own.

    I would give my eye teeth to experience the Vienna Boys Choir. Awesome!!!!

    Thank you, Rene.


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