2018 Danube River Cruise on Viking · Key Blogs

Vienna to Budapest – Danube cruise

With two culturally rich days behind us, it was time to sail on to Hungary’s Capital Budapest. Granted the first stretch downriver is rather boring, consisting of a straight stretch of Danube canal but once we reached the Hungarian border it became natural and scenic again. Just after lunch the scenery jumped into overdtive as we approached the stunning panorama of the city Linda my the river. From the world-class architecture of the parliament building to the chain bridge and castle hill, no other European capital rivals in its waterside beauty. Having had the opportunity to live in Budapest for 6 months in the early 90’s, I skipped the city tour that Viking offers and instead joined the president and CEO for a port side talk on viking’s history and growth. It was very enlightening what Torsten Hagen thinks and how he sees the cruise space evolve.

The cherry on top of the cake, figuratively speaking was our scenic night cruise through the city which redefines illumination tours anywhere in the world.

Contact me if you are contemplating a river cruise, I will share my expert tips to maximize your experience.

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