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London calling – Royal Observatory (where modern time keeping began)

With my flight 45 min early this was an early start to exploration and the weather collaborated beautifully.

This amazing recently opened public art display by famous Bulgarian artist Christo (known for his wrapped landmarks) stacks 7506 empty oil barrels in Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

I found it stimulating to think about what this art represents. Did you know that an average US adult consumes 22 barrels of crude a year so this stack of barrels represents the lifetime of oil consumption for a couple of generations of an average family.

Only in a high caliber city like London do you find a Lamborghini, a Bentley and a Rolls waiting for their drivers in the same driveway of a local hotel.

From Hyde Park, I made my way across town on the Jubilee line to Greenwich. This long overdue visit to the place where the global navigation system of longitude and latitude was established over 300 years ago.

See me step across the prime meridian, one foot on the eastern and the other in the Western Hemisphere. Very cool!

As I finished the visit and started walking back, the sun illuminated the O2 arena in the distance. It reminded me of our live performance experience in March 16 when we heard and saw Adele. What a great night that was.

So many great memories in this city, it is a pleasure to return every few years and expand discovery. As is tradition, I took the bus back and got upstairs in the front for the best views. If you have never done it, call me and I’ll get your London jaunt planned.

Once back in the center of London, I walked by the bustling streets around Covent Garden for some crowd immersion. Then it was back to my hotel. Stay tuned for more coverage after I rest up.

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