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London calling – the miles pile up

After a restful night, I took stock of my first 24 hours in London. I noticed how easy it is for me to exercise when discovering a City is on my to do list. If only it were that easy at home.

It is entirely true though, there really is no substitute to walking through London – except maybe the occasional bus ride to further enhance the experience.

My stroll today included a circular walk through Notting Hill Carnival. Although I missed the early morning Brazilian style parade from 6 to 9am and the street fair crowds of the afternoon have not arrived yet, I enjoyed the closed off streets to full advantage to take in architecture. (See the Churchill Arms pub for example)

At the end of my 6500 steps so far today is my favorite museum – the Victoria & Albert.

It’s just about noon and I am posting this from the silver and gold collection rooms on the 3rd floor. Stay tuned for more exploring later. I leave you with a fantastic gold box that just knocked my socks off.

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