2018-10-09-Scandinavian Jaunt - Ponant Le Champlain · Key Blogs

Scandinavian Jaunt – Geiranger Fjord

Today was an “out of this world day” as the #ponant ship Le Champlain made its way up the Norwegian coast to the UNESCO world heritage site of Geiranger. This little hamlet at the end (or beginning) of this majestic glacier carved valley is a gem. Fortunately we were only the 2nd vessel in port today with German Aida line’s Bella (below) and its 2000ish guests.

Our guide told us that some days it’s up to 5 ships which change the towns character as up to 15000 passengers descend on what amounts to a gift shop, a tourist office and a museum.

I can wholeheartedly recommend coming here and there is no better way than on a small expedition vessel like the Le Champlain.

There is no better way to celebrate this glorious day than with a glass of bubbly?

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