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Germany for Thanksgiving – Charlottenburg

With a restful night behind us, we bundled up (windy and 37 degrees) and walked through the Western section from our hotel by the memorial church on Kurfürstendamm to the palace of the Prussian monarchs in Charlottenburg.

Built first as a summer residence in the 17th century for the self crowned King Friedrich I and his wife Charlotte it soon became the permanent home of future Prussian monarchs.

The palace expanded in successive waves in Roccoco and Baroque styles, each era adding new opulence to its walls.

Unfortunately photographs are not allowed during the excellent self guided audio tour so you must come see it with your own eyes. The benefit of this arrangement is that you get to absorb The various rooms grandeur without distractions.

Learn more about the history of this and other Prussian palaces.

In honor of my mom whom loved the Roccoco era cherubs, here are the particularly ornate ones we found in the gardens of the palace.

With over 8 miles of walking under our belts, we earned a good meal which we found thanks to my colleague Beth Butzlaff from Virtuoso. Located in the trendy former East Berlin, this hidden gem of a place is tucked away in a private courtyard. You have to know to find it.

The culinary boundaries are being pushed here at Katz Orange with amazing creations such as my Matjes Herring appetizer (first pic below) and the sumptuous pork roast with pickled cauliflower, complete with French fries cooked in duck fat (bottom pic). The middle image is their modern interpretation of a classic German worker dish called Tafelspitz. It was all super tasty and the ambience made it all even better.

Check it out when in Berlin or make it part of your very own “travel for food” program. Never hesitate to ask, I will gladly plan it for you.

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