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Germany for Thanksgiving – Berlin

15 years after our first trip to Germany’s capital, we returned to the former east Berlin for dinner in the Nikolaiviertel at Alt-Berliner Weissbierstube. The first sign that greeted us was the now brightly lit U-Bahn station sign above.

The second sight was Berlin’s tallest landmark the TV Tower peacefully scraping the lower reaches of the permafog cloud cover that turn the city into its wintery charm. Since it it Thanksgiving night for us, we celebrated in good old German fashion with a beer before diving into roasted ducks and pork knuckles among the tasty offerings. Happy thanksgiving to all my readers!

One thought on “Germany for Thanksgiving – Berlin

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip so far.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you both from a wonderful cloudy and rainy bay area. The rain has all but wiped out the smokey air from the horribly destructive Camp Fire.
    We had a lovely afternoon yesterday at Lisa’s. Unfortunately four of our family members were unable to attend. 2 enjoying Germany during Holiday and Tom & Mary staying home because Tom pulled some ligaments in his shoulder and was in terrible pain.
    Our dinner was mostly traditionally in nature. The smoked turkey was perfectly done by Randy. As we’re all the side dishes and desserts contributed by Lisa, Julie, and Sue.
    So looking forward to joining you for our annual Christmas celebration on the 25th.
    Love You Guys!


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