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Vietnam & Cambodia – life along the Mekong

Comfortably settled in on board, our first night came to an end with a gorgeous sunrise at 630am which we could enjoy from our comfy bed facing the water. It was as idyllic as it looks.

Then it was off to our first of two shore excursions to learn how rice wrappers and coconut candy is made.

Sailing along the busy waterway we eventually reached mango island where we rode on Vietnamese tuctuc around the plantations and saw how the conical straw hats are made by hand. To round things out we visited a Sampan boats maker whom is a master of his craft.

Economics – boat or hat?

Our afternoon trip brought us a lesson in economics from the delta. The gentleman craftsman whom builds the sampan boats makes one boat a day – 20 a month and sells them for $250 with a profit of 25 to 30 per boat (depending on raw materials cost).

The lady whom makes the conical straw hats makes two a day and sells them for $3 each with a profit of $1 per hat.

Which skill would you pick up if you had to make a living?

Our adventurous day ended with sailing further upstream basked in sunlight at dusk. The dinner was particularly tasty with a seafood stew on noodles.

One thought on “Vietnam & Cambodia – life along the Mekong

  1. Wow and double wow! i’m speechless. That sunrise is unforgettable as has been everything about this trip. I’m particularly enjoying the sights from your river boat. Your room looks beautiful, the food sumptuous, and the rear view deck idyllic. Thank you!



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