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Down Under adventure revisited – part 3

The clouds lifted and out came the sun to shine on our gaggle of 5 walking the streets of Sydney. The famous harbor bridge – lovingly nicknamed the coat hanger – is the landmark of this spectacular harbor area called the Rock.

The other one is the Sydney Opera house which epitomizes modern architecture. Designed by famed Danish architect Jorn Utzon, this structure still looks as amazingly contemporary today as it did back in 1953 when its design was finalized.

Equally stimulating as the architecture is this roundabout with its rock- smashed car in the center as an expression of public art.

Throwing me for a loop, the Golden leaves on trees indicating fall which is about to begin here in Australia – 180 degrees opposite our spring blooms I left behind last night.

A lovely lunch and a rest later, we then embarked on a “must do” harbor cruise with progressive dinner.

What a sight to see – sunset at the harbor.

Rounding out the night was a wedding party sponsored fireworks display at the bridge for everyone to enjoy!

Now it’s time for a good nights rest as we leave this world class act for a 1400 kilometer road trip to Melbourne. Stay tuned for more info tomorrow.

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