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Down Under adventure revisited – part 4

An early morning got us out of Sydney and on to Australia 1 – Princess highway – south bound for our first viewpoint of the coastline. This view has been enhanced by the new cantilever bridge that replaced the one carved into the hillside we had driven on 28 years ago.

From there we drive around the city of Wollongong down to the quaint village of Kiava where a blowhole awaited us. Our spacious Mercedes Sprinter van (see above) is our comfy 4-wheeled companion on his journey.

After that short stop, we continued on to the town of Huskisson on Jarvis Bay for a Dolphin discovery cruise – outstanding!

This natural horseshoe harbor is home to 80+ bottle nose dolphins year-round and humpback whales for 6 months out of the year. This are of unspoiled nature preserve md by a marine sanctuary must feature on any Australia drive.

A fantastic seafood lunch later – thank you Kevin and crew – we continued on the road toward our overnight stop in Bateman’s Bay. Just before arriving, we detoured to Pebbly beach in Murramarang Bational Park to spot kangaroos on the beach.

Crimson parrots and other creatures as well as a rainbow brought the area to life. A spectacular day that I pinch myself about for years to come. This stretch of coastline needs to make a comeback for travelers as it is truly breathtaking. Help me spread the word #tourismaustralia.

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