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Down Under adventure revisited – part 5

Our morning began with an adrenaline rush from a sea plane flight over the rugged coastline of southern New South Wales. As you may recall from my vblog yesterday, this is humpback whale country and in just a few weeks time you can actually do a 45- minute flight to see these majestic creatures from the air.

While we did not see whales today, the weather was stunning and I could see the potential. I’ve already strategized onnwhen I will be back here during whale season – in late August the year I retire (gotta have a plan after all). Below is a picture of myself and Richard Aquino from Allianz whom travelled with us from Sydney.

A great lunch of fresh oysters and fish & chips later, we hit the road to our overnight destination of Metung – 460 km/280 miles south along the cast. About half-way we crossed into Victoria from New South Wales.

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