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The Day the World stood still

Lake Brienz

You have undoubtedly noticed the silence on my part as my travel adventures stopped abruptly in late February. What followed were 4 weeks of crisis management unlike any I have ever witnessed in my life.

Golden Princess passes under Golden Gate

I am pleased to report that all our clients have been accounted for and all have safely returned home.

The term “Sheltered in place” has been dusted off to become the term to describe what none of us have physically experienced since World War II and yet, within just a few short days we have all been forced to embrace.

I truly hope all of my readers heed the order and rise to the challenge. It is the only way to return to the life we knew as fast as possible. Trust that I follow the harrowing news out of Italy, Spain and my homeland of Switzerland daily. I admit it feels surreal and the experience threatens all I love about my industry and life in it’s entirety.

While I don’t have a crystal ball, I know that this too shall pass and the urge for adventure, the desire to meet other people, and the lust for travel is alive in all of us and it will burst into the open in a few weeks time.

Stay safe, stay strong and draw from the many memories of trips past to remind your soul that better times lie ahead.

I am Connecting with all of you in spirit and passion till the day arises when the world starts moving again…

2 thoughts on “The Day the World stood still

  1. Good to hear from you! Funny, I was just wondering how you were doing through all this. Our fingers are crossed that someday soon life will get back to our new normal!

    June and Bruce et al

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