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The World starts moving again – slowly

No, no it isn’t mine – just a dream – so far

The “unprecedented times” we are all experiencing feel both unnerving and reflective to me.  Never in a million years would I have thought that the skies would be empty of planes for weeks on end.  Never would I have ventured to foresee a day where no cruise ship churns through the worlds oceans and rivers. Never would I have forecast open freeways in the Bay Area as we see them today.

Yet, there is peace and a sense of calm to be gained from this momentary stop to human activity.  

Did you hear the birds chirping?  Are you breathing cleaner air?  I certainly am taking it all in.  I am also dreaming of what is yet to come…

Dream On Video

Enjoy this amazing and aspirational video of travel dreams to come and allow your mind to open toward what comes next.

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