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Back to Travel – Bryce and Zion National Parks

Zion NP views from my room at the Makestic Lodge

Our day began with a special treat – one of the very best National Parks – Bryce. We left our Best Western Premier at historic Ruby’s Inn at 8am to beat the crowds. One of tge big benefits of a guided vacation is the pre-arranged meeting points and appointments that avoid long lines ordinary visitors have to endure.

Having now travelled to more than half of the 419 parks and memorials of the National Park Service, I keep coming back to Bryce as it encapsulates all the best features of the US Southwest. Stunning vistas, colored rock formations, high alpine flora and fauna with the majestic grandeur of the Grand Canyon, the filigrane delicacy of Arches, and the intimacy of Zion wrapped into one. Bryce is approachable, offers immersive exploration, and it never disappoints at any hour of the day and any season.

Since I have not mentioned lodging in a few days, I thought I give an update on the last night at the mid-range Best Western Premier at Ruby’s Inn.

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