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Back to Travel – A day of play in Zion National Park

Emerald pools to Grotto hike

Our morning was leisurely with breakfast at the Majestic View Lodge where we stayed for two nights. Just outside the Park entrance in the town of Springdale, UT this 69 room property opened its doors to visitors in 2003. I must say that this was my least favorite breakfast and actually quite disappointing after the great ones we had at Best Western, Doubletree, Sheraton, and a far cry from the One at Red Canyon Lodge. Here, tge staff didn’t care about anything, the ice machine was broken so no Ice could be found and despite freshly baked biscuits, no jam or honey was available. My rating is a five out of ten at best.

Breakfast buffet at Majestic View Lodge
Randomly administered temperature check for all guests

Nourished nevertheless, our coach made its way through a long traffic line into the park (appointments are required) and dropped us at the Zion Lodge. from there, Park Ranger Jan drive us on an open air shuttle to the various vantage points along the road into the canyon.

Due to crowd control in this Covid era and a record-setting visitor number this weekend, trails were monitored and limited to avoid overcrowding. Our group was permitted to hike to the end of the canyon trail where permitted back country hikers wade upriver through the narrows. Our camera man Kyle and I did ware across the Virgin River as a photo opportunity for the group.

Hoards making their way through the narrows
Kyle filming in the Virgin River
Kyle and I wading in the Virgin River

Chilled to our bones from the cold water, we returned to the group, put socks and shoes back on and hiked out of the canyon via the emerald pools and grotto hiking path. Over 15000 steps and 44 floors later, we had earned a beer for sure.

Emerald pools at Zion N. P.

As our group journey is gradually coming to an end, we all are reflecting on tge experiences we have been fortunate to share. Our Zion Park driver Jan reminded us to take a group picture and so we did.

Collette Painted Canyons of the West group

One more day of driving through Utah awaits us tomorrow. Final destination will be Salt Lake City. Stay tuned for a final blog which will include a recap of this trip.so far, it is two thumbs up.

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