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Back to Travel – Final Day and Reflections

My flight passed over the Colorado Plateau

With slightly sore muscles from yesterday’s hike, I packed my bag for one last ride aboard our motor coach to Salt Lake City. Expertly driven by Glenn, our steadfast expert behind the wheel got us safely to the Radisson Salt Lake City where the group spent their last night. I made the executive decision to change flights and return home a day early to accommodate my busy work schedule ahead.

Green Line airport light rail in Salt Lake City

Southwest had a late afternoon flight to Oakland via Los Angeles that offered me the opportunity to see our last stretch of road from the air as we flew along the Wasatch Mountains down to Las Vegas via St. George and the entrance to Zion National Park we had left earlier this morning.

Farewell to our group

The group hotel for their last night was conveniently just a half block away from the light rail station at the Arena. I hopped on the train and sat in my seat aboard Southwest 40 minutes later. An efficient and fitting end to a great week on the road.

Final Reflections – Travelling is possible even during a pandemic. That is my biggest take-away from my week-long road trip with #GoCollette. Kudos to Glenn and Wendy for managing our safety and fantastic experiences and to the Collette team for making it happen.

I can confidently recommend that those among my readers whom are eager to hit the road do so now. As I said on Day One of this “Back to Travel” series, risk tolerance is a highly personal decision to make. Our 16 guests, myself, and my AAA colleague Kelly will attest that the benefits of a group journey of this quality and caliber outweigh any potential risks.

Every single one of our trail-blazing group confirmed that they are already planning their next adventure.

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