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2021 Calls for Adventure – Whale watching in the Sea of Cortez

Aboard the expedition yacht in Cabo San Lucas

It is the season for one of nature’s most amazing spectacles. Thousands of Gray Whales 🐋, humpback and blue whales convene for their winter feeding and mating rituals in the Sea of Cortez. In fact, 70+ percent of all whales in the world are of Mexican origin.

Baby humpback breaching

Our boat left the Cabo San Lucas harbor 15 minutes behind schedule which turned out to be a blessing. Not only did the last few guests not show, the three of us had Leo our guide to ourselves.

Mother diving

With hundreds humpback whales in the area, it was not long after our departure through choppy waters that we spotted the first ones. Blowholes and fins were all that was on offer at first. Then the calf was pushed on by its mom to play around and it did.

Having had the fortune to see whales around the globe over the decades, I can attest to the life-changing impressions a sighting leaves on people. My first time encountering these majestic creatures was in 1991 off Frazier island in Australia. Every trip since then was in part chasing that magical day while learning more about their habitats. Today was my crowning highlight with this baby whale playing in front of our intimate group and yes, my phone.

Los Arcos peninsula in Cabo San Lucas

Be prepared to get wet and bounced around by the waves but trust that there is a reward waiting for you. While the extent of the whale display varies on each tour, this is a guaranteed sighting location so everyone gets to experience a whale up close. If you have never done it, ping me and I’ll help you personally plan your adventure.

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