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Europe opens up – The car edition

Remember the cheapest car in America?

A relic from the past showed its presence more than once during my days in the two former Yugoslav Republics. From this rather banged up but still operable Yugo (the olive oil family’s grand father still drives it) to other timeless iterations of Fiat 128 based derivatives assembled in many former Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries, everything has its place.

Zastava hatchback and sedan assembled in Yugoslavia on Fiat 128 bones

Even brand new electric sedans such as this prime Porsche Taycan Turbo S model on a Porsche sponsored “Discover the unknown” road tour designed for social media and the Porsche YouTube channel.

The crew of young Porsche employees set out to prove that you can do a summer road trip in an electric car. Using the ultra-exclusive One&Only Portonovi as backdrop makes perfect sense. Check it out and follow along https:

Love the blue paint job

Road trips are the best way to discover this epic Bay and the black mountains of this young country. It is easy to fly to Dubrovnik and Either have your travel advisor rent a car for you or arrange for car & driver. Stay tuned for the last blog in this series on the property and final reflections.

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