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Egypt – Aswan and the legendary Old Cataract Hotel

Old Cataract Hotel

No voyage to Egypt is complete without staying at the legendary Old Cataract Hotel run by Sofitel in Aswan. Located in prime viewing of the first Nile rapids, the property has hosted world leaders, movie stars and most famously, was the long term lodging for British Crime Novelist Agatha Christie whom penned her “Death on the Nile” mystery here.

Courtyard and gardens at Old Cataract Hotel

Our memorable stay included lunch on the terrace, a felucca ride from its cruise dock, and a dinner in a private setting next to the Nile. Overnight is a must, two nights would be better if your program allows it.

Lobby area of Old Cataract Hotel
Group on the felucca

Aswan afforded us two key visits to the granite quarry of the “unfinished obelisk” and the Philae temple dedicated to Isis which was rescued from the damming waters of the Nile back in the late 1970s.

Unfinished obelisk at Aswan
Philae temple dedicated to Godess Isis

Action packed days filled with educational lectures and visits to places that shaped western civilization are just one element of our trip. Quality conversations and friendships are other elements that are enjoyed by all in our group.

Arabian dinner at Old Cataract Hotel

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