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Travel reawakens – London

Baggage claim at Heathrow terminal 2

A long while of post-Covid weirdness has distracted me from posting to my blog feed. Add to that the lack of exciting trips (which are finally coming to life again) and you understand the lull in my activity. Fortunately for me, the wait is over. I am happy to report that I just touched down in the British Capital for a couple of nights.

Piccadilly line train on the tube

It feels great to be back in Europe and I am happy to report that life has resumed here in earnest as well. The tube was packed, museums and shops are bustling, and families are navigating the dog days of summer before school starts next week. Timing for my visit couldn’t be better as fall is my favorite time for London.

My cousin Kristine and I at the V&A

Corny as it sounds, the gray rainy sky over London was a welcome site. It also made for the perfect day to tour museums. Since the main purpose of this leg of the journey is dedicated to our shared love for pop music from a certain Swedish band, it was only fitting to show Kristine the theatre and performance area of the Victoria & Albert museum which I have come to love over the years. Among the many posters, costumes, awards and all is the gem of Kylie minogue’s closet which is a must see.

Harrods in Knightsbridge

Just in time for our walk down Brompton Road, the clouds parted and sun appeared. It made for a lovely fall walk to famed department store Harrods complete with a plethora of luxury and exotic cars passing by. Our goal is to stay awake ti 9pm and to do so, we sat at the Harrods bar counter for a glass of bubbly. cheers to that and to being back to blogging!

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