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Travel reawakens – ABBA Voyage anticipation

Promotional poster in the London tube

Over a year of anticipation and the day is finally here – for either the worst idea or best night ever. Stay tuned as we spend the day getting ready and find out.

Famous Rosetta Stone – the crown jewel of the collection

The rain parted for sunny skies and 68 degrees which represents perfect walking weather to discover more of this amazing capital. A short stroll from our #hiltoneuston hotel, we crossed Russell Square to reach the British Museum. This museum is a staple on all my London jaunts, I was privileged to show it to my cousin Kristine for her very first time.

British pub lunch

Walking across Oxford street and a long tour of the best toy store called Hamley’s made us hungry. A traditional pub lunch with fish and chips and a stellar beef and ale pie later, we got back to our hotel to get ready.

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