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Pikes Peak by cog rail

Where has the first quarter of 2023 gone?

I woke up this morning realizing that I had left my readers hanging as life moved at breakneck speed these first months. Fortunately there is travel on my calendar for the coming months and blogs will start flowing again.

Pikes Peak Cog Rail at base station

To kick things off, here is a first bucket list blog of a breathtaking and enjoyable afternoon in late January aboard the Pikes Peak Cog Rail in Colorado Springs.

Logo on the brand new Swiss made Stadler Trains

Late January, after two days of meetings with small ship cruise line Windstar executives, our group of 18 took advantage of stunning weather to ride the word’s longest and highest cog railroad to the top of Colorado’s Pikes Peak.

The track of this spectacular cog rail is 8.4 miles long from depot to peak station. Filled with scenery at every turn, the 50 min uphill journey flies by. I can attest that this railroad has earned its spot among the best routes on the planet. I hope the video captures the grandeur of views and engineering mastery that built this epic track up a steep mountain. Enjoy!

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