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Venice in April – La Dolce Vita

First step – board flight

My first 3 months of 2023 were spent managing the eruption of travel demand mostly from my home office. That is changing today with my first international trip of the year. courtesy of Delta Vacations the spring meeting of our advisory board takes place in the magical Italian city of Venice

Step two – fly across the pond

Our Boeing 767-300ER (a 30+ year clunker) will get us from JFK to Marco Polo Airport in Venice overnight. It’s deja-vu for me as this same type of creaky plane served as my mainstay on American for decades between the US and my home country. While the service aboard was exemplary and the crew fantastic, I do have a suggestion for Delta – ditch these planes as they are no longer suitable for long haul flights.

Flight map on Delta Seatback TV

Seven hours and fifty minutes after we left JFK, our plane (Delta Flight 38) touched down on Italian soil and short few minutes of taxi and we walked through customs and immigration in a breeze. We were met by our transfer guide for a speedy boat transfer to the JW Marriott. Yes, you read right. One of Venice’s unique experiences is the a set up of an airport connected to boat ramp for water transportation.

Step three – walk to boat
Boat ramp access
Guests boarding the speed boat transfer

As the historic floating city of Venice is built on water, the most efficient way to get around is by vaporetto boat. Many hotels include in their rates or offer such transfers at cost to their guests. As our boat made its way across the lagoon on a grayish rainy day, I definitely felt my excitement level rise as new adventures await. Stay tuned for more about my experiences in Venice over the coming days. Ciao for now!

View. From the hotel – Historic Venice in the distance

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