2017 Trip around the World - DUA 25th Anniversary

Anticipating my first flight

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 7.09.55 PM

My first leg of the journey will be taking me across the North Pole from San Francisco to Any Dhabi on Etihad Airways flight EY182.  What makes this flight special is the fact that it one of the longest commercial flight currently offered on the planet.  I will be boarding a Boeing 777-300ER which will take me on a 15hour 45 minute journey of relaxation and enjoyment.   For me personally, flying is one of the top 5 experiences in life, especially long-distance flights like this one.  To top it off, upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, my driver will stop at Ferrari World where I am hoping to do another top 5 activity on my list – riding the worlds fastest roller coaster.  Oh my…what a start to the trip.

Stay tuned for pictures on board.

One thought on “Anticipating my first flight

  1. Hallo René. Hab Dank für die Einladung. Ich folge Dir gerne rund um die Welt – obwohl ich den Sinn darin noch grad nicht ganz verstanden habe. Es sei denn, dass Dich tatsächlich die “long-distance-flights” fazinieren. Bei mir passiert da genau das Gegenteil. ;O)
    Bis wieder und bald und mit mehr – ich freue mich darauf…

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