2017 Trip around the World - DUA 25th Anniversary

Perth to Auckland

With 24 hour delay to fix a mechanical issue on Air NewZealand’s Boeing 787-9, our group took off on the last leg of the trip together. I eagerly anticipated this flight as it was my first on this type of aircraft.

Once on board, it became clear to me quickly that this is a Boeing product. Annoying little things like hidden power outlets, a step on the cabin floor that makes passengers trip while stepping into the aisle  and small bathrooms with barely any elbow room, are clearly a step behind Airbus.

Add to that a very interesting cabin configuration that offers little privacy (see images below) and you begin to wonder if Air NewZealand really understands business traveler needs.

All said and done, my fave was the Airbus 350 flight on Singapore followed by the 777-200 on Etihad. Granted I was spoiled all the way.

5 thoughts on “Perth to Auckland

  1. Different, indeed! Although I’m by zero means an expert about aircraft amenities, I can understand why you’re disappointed. Very strange, indeed. Oh well…everything else about this delicious odyssey has been waaay good.

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  2. Looks like flying coach.
    I’m sure your next flight will be much more enjoyable!
    + you still have a lot to enjoy on the ground!

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  3. Doesn’t it irk you that the American Manufacturers always seem to muck up the simplest things….American Engineers…Oy! Glad you got to experience it though. Nothing beats first hand experience.

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