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A Royal day in Honolulu

This morning’s getting up was worth it as we were the first group to enter the only royal palace in the U.S. located in the city center of Honolulu. Our docent Joanne introduced us to the beauty, artistry, and history of the Hawaiian Royal Family.

The tour took 90 minutes and took us from the grand foyer through the blue room and the formal dining hall to the bedrooms and the crown room with its original thrones.

It was time very well spent – no doubt!

For lunch we made our way to the triple D’ hotspot #freshcatch808 in Kaneohe for authentic Hawaiian Poke.

Nourished, we made our way along the eastern side of the island to the blow hole, down to Hanauma bay and ended on Waikiki beach for a sun soaked afternoon.

Overall a great day which we rounded out with Mai Tai’s at Hula’s. Delish!

One thought on “A Royal day in Honolulu

  1. Glad you are doing some of Hawaii’s Historical locations. Many just go to Hawaii to hit the beaches. You are a true Sojourn!! Cheers…it’s Friday!


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