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Is an All-inclusive Resort for you? – Reflections on my stay at Dreams Playa Mujeres

Don’t let this peaceful image of the beach side bungalows fool you, the Dreams Resort Playa Mujeres Resort gets rather busy and loud after sunset. I must admit that it has been over 20 years for me to stay at an All-Inclusive Resort and I realized that fundamentally not much changed. That is both a good and a bad thing as I will explain in this blog.


A big aspect when choosing a vacation resort is the accommodations. In this aspect this Dreams Resort does not disappoint. Spacious, well laid out suites with deep balconies complete with whirlpool are satisfying every need.


Palates range widely across America and trying to satisfy everyone is agreeably tough. I say this because I was deeply disappointed with the offerings, be it the buffet; Tres Colores (Mexican); (Brazilian); Meze (Mediterranean) plus several small outlets which all served mediocre fare with no flavor, over cooked and basic sides, and worst of all Lukewarm food.

I strongly feel that life is too short to eat mediocre food and as many chefs would say, it is not hard to make it taste good. Unfortunately the memo did not reach this resort. It should be telling that the Food Network is not offered as a TV channel either.

Beach & Pool

With over 65000 square feet of pool space, there is water for everyone from kids to seniors with varying water depths and slides. Of course a swim up pool bar is part of the deal.

Final Thought

Resorts like this are great for group trips where socializing is more important than dining. AM Resorts, the ownership company promotes Dream Resorts as luxury – I would put it in the “middle of the road, inoffensive category” with 3 stars at best. There are definitely better options out there for about the same money.

Personally i prefer a cruise over this type of vacation as it gives you a better value for money and an overall more interesting experience.

2 thoughts on “Is an All-inclusive Resort for you? – Reflections on my stay at Dreams Playa Mujeres

  1. As a family, we all agree that all inclusive resorts don’t get the job done. Interacting with the culture is always one of our goals and highlights of any vacation. Thanks for the authentic review. Food is hit and miss unless, of course you’re at an all inclusive. Cruises can be hit or miss as well but rarely complete misses (in my limited experience).


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