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Nuremberg – Deutsche Bahn Museum

With an afternoon to spare I chose to visit the railway museum for the German railway Deutsche Bahn which is considered the worlds oldest rail museum.

One of the prime exhibits is the imperial train set built for King Ludwig II in 1866 which comprised of 8 rail cars. Due to two world wars (see my blog suiting the Nazi headquarters) only two cars survived.

The plush interiors even included a heated loo for the King’s sole use. That was quite the splurge as everyone else had to use the drop toilets common on those days.

Another highlight was the scale HO modeltrain set that is fully operational with 1960s relay technology to manage train traffic. This took me back to my youth when I learned to manage train traffic with the same type of switch desk for the Swis Railways.

All in all this is a great museum to spend a couple of hours in whenever you find yourself in Nuremberg.

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