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Germany for Thanksgiving – A palace rebuilt

Today we discovered an amazing project which will be revealed to the public in 2019. Located on Museum island, the former Prussian Palace which was heavily damaged in WWII and subsequently imploded in the 50s to make room for the Socialist Workers Party Headquarters, has painstakingly been rebuilt over the past 15 years.

In an unusual twist to the overall negative Nazi past, it is thanks to their desire for meticulous record keeping that this rebuild was even possible. Nazi era photography with exact camera location and angles of the entire palace facade allowed for a 3-D model to be constructed and used as a template for statues, frescoes and plaster work. Each detail was then 3-d printed, turned into plaster models and eventually made from nearby sandstone by sculptors.

The result is absolutely stunning and we cannot wait to visit the new exhibit space on future trip.

By U-Bahn, we then made our way through town for a last night of fun. More on that on my next blog.

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