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Berlin for Thanksgiving – closing thoughts

A week has passed since we returned from Germany’s capital – a marker that inspired me to write these closing thoughts. We too LOVE Berlin -a city that in its myriad ways delights and surprises visitors. From historic buildings to fantastic food and its charming inhabitants, this city deserves a higher rank on people’s travel lists than it currently does.

Plus your money goes much further here as Berlin remains 30% less expensive than its fellow capitals of Paris, Rome and London.

How to get around?

With Berlin’s outstanding public transit system, from arriving by ICE high speed trains from across Germany to its U Bahn subway network, buses and the famed S Bahn, reaching any place on the map is a breeze. Transport is reliable, clean, cheap, and safe 24 hours a day – just as the city never sleeps – neither does transport.

One thing is for certain- we will be back!

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