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Vietnam & Cambodia – Hoi An

It is still TET festival time in Vietnam even though the lunar new year celebration was over a week ago. What that means for us is a plethora of street fairs, gatherings and joyous parties seemingly designed to extend the holidays for as long as possible.

It is now officially the year of the pig and everyone, from little kids carrying pig balloons to adults buying piggy banks from street vendors participates in the festivities. It is quite the sight!

Our time to say good bye to Hanoi came mid afternoon as we boarded an Airbus 321 operated by Vietnam Airlines for a short 55 minute hop to Da Nang. This also meant that our amazing guide Trang whom shepherded us through the first 3 days of our trip left us. We were truly sad to let him go. He made our introduction to northern Vietnam educational, engaging and enjoyable.

Our next stop, the historical city of Hoi An greeted us at sundown with thousands of lanterns, a steady crowd of promenading people, and a peaceful bustle that is somewhat intoxicating.

We took a stroll up and down this waterfront town and then enjoyed a fantastic feast of traditional central Vietnamese dishes. More on that in my next blog as the time came for us to get another good nights rest.

I leave you however with a short video of a local bingo game where the presenters sing the drawn numbers. Neither of us has ever seen anything quite like it!

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