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Vietnam & Cambodia – Saigon here we come

Another day, another plane – this time though it was a special twist. Our guide told us at breakfast in Hoi An that our flight would be delayed till 9pm due to mechanical issues. That meant shuffling our day around and extend our stay in Hoi An. Flexible as we both are, we said ok and off we went exploring this magical small city by day, shopping, eating and lantern-building our day away.

After the super-tasty Bahn Meh (the place Anthony put on the map with his visit 10 years ago) we returned to our hotel for a swim. That is when things started to get really fun. Helmets on we embarked on a 3 hour Vespa tour of the rice fields of the region.

We only got about 20 minutes into it when suddenly our local guide called to say we needed to return as Delta unknown to all of us had protected our seats on a different flight. With less than 40 minutes to spare before takeoff, we were racing against the clock to the 40 min away airport in Da Nang. Amazingly we got there in the nick of time and were rushed through VIP access to the plane.

We both knew that without the expertise and connections of our Abercrombie & Kent guides and ground staff, we would have been in trouble.

As if nothing had happened, we resumed our Vespa ride 800 miles further south in Saigon with a food tour of the hidden streets of this bustling 12 million people city. Enjoy the video for full immersion and stay tuned for a more detailed blog on Vietnamese food.

One thought on “Vietnam & Cambodia – Saigon here we come

  1. Awesome. I’m speechless. Scary and fun, fun, fun. I love the lanterns. You’re going to have to tell me about that exercise, as well as soooo much else. Wonderful, just wonderful.



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