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Vietnam – a foodie paradise

You have heard me allude to the amazing meals we’ve had so far. As promised here is a bit more detail to the flavors to discover – all in their own right palate-expanding. From pipi clams in lemongrass infused coconut water broth (top picture) to scallops on the half shell with toasted peanuts and spring onion oil, these appetizers are as fresh and prepared to order as pretty much everything is here.

Not into seafood? Then try this insanely simple yet outstanding dish call Ban Xeo – a fried rice noodle omelette served with bean sprouts, shrimp or chicken or pork, bitter greens and tons of fresh pepper and lemon basil among other fresh greens. It is noteworthy to mention that this dish is widespread across Vietnam but each region adds its own twist to it. Some are small and crunchy while others are large and soft. Whichever way you eat it, it is a treat to the senses.

Next were the countless ways one can make dumplings. From fried to steamed with any filling imaginable, there is one for every tastebud and occasion.

Want a pizza, then try rice sheets grilled with anything possible on it, sprinkle green onions on it and wrap it up. For less than s buck you have a filling and tasty meal.

I will wrap this food focused blog up with our breakfast today at the famed Reverie hotel in Saigon. Price wise at the opposite end of the spectrum, nevertheless the quality of “just in time” ingredients is contributing to a mind-blowing array of choices.

On the last two pictures you see a stir fry of rice and rice noodles with shredded and dried pork, veggies and nuts. Finally, I end with the BEST breakfast eggs I have ever been privy to eating. Take my word for it – I would fly back here just for that dish.

Reverie Eggs Benedict with truffled asparagus spears and foie gras

Happy Valentines Day to all and bon appetit from Saigon.

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