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Yucatán-Belmond Maroma part 2

Windy but sunny was day two’s forecast which was perfect for a first day of relaxing at the pool. This peaceful 60 room property is only running 35% occupancy these days. It is a truly peaceful oasis of white sandy beach conducive to just chilling out.

Freshly made tortillas- yum
Two breakfast tacos with chorizo and cheese

Day three started with strong winds, dark clouds and plenty of rain which pretty much continued all day. All that was brightened up by the surprise taco making stall in the lobby. It turned breakfast into brunch and made for a delicious conversation over the tastiness of the various fillings on offer. Winner for both of us ended up being the chorizo and cheese version. Trust that we tasted them all!

Margarita by the pool

A requisite drink by the pool rounded out the leisurely morning before more of the same was on tap for the afternoon. So far the trip is exactly what the doctor ordered. Stay tuned for more experiences including the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Yucatán-Belmond Maroma part 2

  1. I think that’s the most enchanting resort I’ve ever seen. It’s top-grade and not overdone. It seems like a place where one could stay for several days and not leave the premises as it’s so lovely and relaxing.


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