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Happy Pride

Happy San Francisco Pride

As we celebrate the first post-pandemic pride month, it still feels very strange to see crowds gather for the annual festivities with masks and under social distancing. These precautions for public health it strikes me, are diametrically opposite to what Pride is all about. I personally cannot wait for the day when we can freely hug each other again and celebrate diversity in all its multifaceted glory. So get your vaccines if you have t already so that we can collectively move on.

Traveling and meeting people from around the world is in my view the quintessential meaning of diversity. From gay Mardi Gras in Sydney; Europride in rotating cities across the old continent; to the birth place of Stonewall day in New York & San Francisco, pride marches have grown in size and scope over the decades and are the largest civic events in many cities around the world these days. How far we have come. I recommend you go see and experience it for yourself.

You may not know this, but Music has always played a key role in my life, creating the soundtrack to my many adventures. From the early days of ABBA, to the New German Wave of the 80s and the magic of Jimmy Somerville’s I always gravitated toward artists that understood that humanity comes in many shapes and orientations. One of my contemporary favorites is Miley Cirus whom just hosted her very own collaborative “Stand by You” pride concert in Nashville, TN. Watch it with your own eyes on NBC’s Peacock network. It is an hour well spent.

Happy Pride to all – let’s celebrate our diversity and love for each other. Not just for one day or one month, but every day.

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