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Colors of Provence – Bicycles and Romans

AMA Kristina in Vienne, France

Our trip is progressing nicely up river towards Lyon. Due to the massive rains in Northern Europe, water levels are unusually high which added several hours to our journey. In fact, the docks in Vienne were completely flodded just a week ago.

Bicycle tour along the Rhone

Riding the bikes was a fantastic way to burn a few calories from last night’s Chaine de Rotisseur dinner which was a culinary delight (See below images).

Salt crusted Rack of lamb
Truffled white chocolate desert

Our small group of seven rode along the Valrhoba bike trail that spans from Geneva to Arles and the Camarque over 700 kilometers. We did a 17 mile stretch along this bountiful valley of vegetables and vines.

The bikes are comfortable for all types of riders and the guides are excellent at portraying the key features of the ride and just the right amount of history. I thoroughly enjoyed time in the saddle before returning to the ship for our final stretch of cruising.

Bikes lined up for our ride

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