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Colors of Provence – Tournon, steam train, and Rhone river

AMA Kristina sunset in Tournon

Our Sunday evening unfolded under stunning sunset colors only French painters could conjure up. We reached Tournon in the Ardeche and it’s sibling city on the Eastern bank called Tain l’Hermitage just ahead of sunset. My companion and I rushed dinner and walked off the ship for a lovely walk to burn off some calories. The skies were so amazing but hard to truly capture.

Obligatory jump photo on the Rhone bridge

Our walk was great until the mosquitoes showed up which forced us back to our room. Tge sun sets late so it was 🛌 time anyway to assure our beauty rest ahead of a packed day.

Train de l’Ardeche

Today offered three choices ranging from a rigorous hike up to the chapel at Tain l’hermitage or a wine and chocolate tasting or, our choice of a steam train ride on a living museum track.

About half of the 106 guests chose the train which was great fun. We were broken up into two open rail cars that gave us plenty of space to roam.

Our tour took us half way up the valley for 45 minutes each way. The stop was required to refuel the locomotive and turn it around.

Locomotive being turned

This journey was a lovely way to see engineering of the 18th century and spectacular scenery of the Doux river valley. totally worth it, the morning flew by with this activity and tge charming commentary by our guide Solene.

As one would expect, the Rhone requirea several locks to tame its flow towards tge Camarque and ultimately, the Mediterranean Sea. My new-found video skills and patience produced a fun time-lapse clip of such a passage. Enjoy and stay tuned for more from the food capital of France tomorrow. Yes, we will reach Lyon tomorrow.

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