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Caribbean Elevated – Amazing onboard experiences

Welcome reception with French Martinis 🍸

A few days of life aboard behind me, I can honestly say that the Seabourn team is out of this world attentive, charming and empowered to surprise and delight. Everyone is smiling with genuine intent to make every guest’ experience remarkable.

Our server Mario prepares Caviar in the Surf

This is a Seabourn tradition on every sailing – weather permitting – the crew serves champagne and caviar on a surfboard in the ocean. This is truly one of those moments that changes travel profoundly. It’s hard to go back to anything less from here on out.

Staff of Seabourn Odyssey having fun

Every night added more amazing treats including celebrity chef Thomas Keller’s famed fried chicken dinner. #Seabourndelivers this signature dish was served family style at the Colonade restaurant on a reservation basis. Our waiter Mario secured us a spot early on and it did not disappoint. Down to the Sausalito based #HeathCeramics serving ware brought onboard just for this dish, the culinary team exceeded all expectations.

Heath ceramics square salad plate

Meals are a cut above any other cruise cuisine I have been fortunate to experience. This holds true from the main restaurant on deck four to colonade, and from the Earth & Ocean outdoor dining venue to the Grill by Thomas Keller – each delivering mouthwatering creations of sheer perfection.

Grill by Thomas Keller ribeye prepared to perfection

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