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Egypt – Cairo & Pyramids

The great pyramids of Giza

Our historical journey down the Nile is reaching its climax with a full day of exploration of the Giza plateau on this US Thanksgiving day. We started with the step pyramids of Sakkara which served as the necropolis for early pharaohs of Egypt before unification with the south.

Djoser step pyramid at Sakkara

This informationonal visit helped our group understand the importance of the afterlife and what the ancient Egyptians believed. Thanks to our world-class Egyptologist Ahmed, we got a special treat in the form of a visit to the “tomb of brothers” built for the Pharaoh’s personal butler and his beautician lover. It is the oldest documented and depicted same-sex relationship. It was an emotional visit for us all.

Our next stop was a complete change as we visited the Ramses Wisa Wassef school of carpet weaving. This school reintroduced this ancient craft to a new generation of Egyptian youth and has reached international acclaim over the decades.

Pattern designer and weavers

From there, we continued to the three main pyramids overlooking the sprawling city of Cairo. Built as burial sites these mega structures are considered part of the seven ancient wonders of the world. The Great Pyramid of Khufu or the (Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex. Our resident “dare devil” Greg climbed the 450 foot narrow tunnel to the center chamber while we all waited outside. Upon return, he confirmed what I recalled from 25 years ago, there is nothing to see and no spirit energy left after 2000+ years of tourists streaming through.

Lunch at Pyramid 9 restaurant

Thoroughly hot and hungry, we sat down at a brand new venue called Pyramid 9 on the high plateau with stunning vistas (and shade) over the complex. Food was insanely tasty as everyone in the group agreed on this being the best of the trip. The views had undoubtedly something to do with it.

Obligatory camel ride by the pyramids
Caravan in the desert

Our special day ended at Andrea Restaurant for grilled chicken 🐔 (standing in for turkey) that was succulent and tasty. Happy thanksgiving to all!

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