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Egypt – Farewell to a magical land

For me, few places on earth have the chemistry and chaotic cacophony of life as Egypt does. Add to that monuments, artifacts, and tombs of unparalleled grandeur and this narrow strip of fertile land along the Nile gets under your skin. There is a spiritual regal-ness that makes Egypt a stand out from the rest of the Arabian world and our special voyage teased it all out in vivid details and unforgettable experiences.

View from Mena House over the pyramids

Every day we’ve spent exploring periods of history spanning 4000 years. We visited temples and tombs, rode chariots, sailed on tge Nile and tasted traditional Egyptian cuisine to its fullest. Our last day in Cairo brought another highlight – the National Egyptian Museum of Civilization opened just a few months ago

Our visit not only consisted of the main exhibition of artifacts and the mummy rooms, we were able to arrange a private behind the scenes visit of the Restoration labs where scientistsshowed is their work in progress. Their work spans from 3500 year old papyrus restoration to bones of a 13 year old child that are over 6000 years old. Absolutely amazing of an experience and my heart goes out to the entire sconce team for their passion and dedication to preserving and discovering history.

Our illustrious group at the restoration lab

Our collective reflections on the entirety of our trip experience as covered in this recap blog has created tons of interest. I am pleased to announce that I am hosting a second voyage to Egypt in fall of 2024. Interested parties can sign up by emailing to

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