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Caribbean in June – St. Thomas & St.Maarten

A full day at sea later and we pulled into Port Amalie in St.Thomas. As this was my third visit to the island I chose to stay on board. Even two years after devastating hurricane Maria there is still damage visible in this tiny island. It is cruise ship guests that bring economic activity sustaining the recovery and this ships guests was actively supporting it with tons of shopping.

With the cruise halfway done, it is high time to report back on cuisine. The ship has been thoroughly renovated since my last time aboard with updated dining venues (Steamers and Plank) as well as updated Sabatini’s Italian. Last night however, we were treated to Crown Grill steakhouse.

Crab cake followed by fillet and a desert medley all exceeded expectations and were well worth the cover charge.

The night ended with a dance party called 24 carat gold. Passenger old and young had a blast!

Tge next morning we were in the Dutch part of St.Maarten for a short stroll in the tropical heat and humidity.

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