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Got vaccine – Will Travel – Zoetry wellness & SPA

Zoetry oceanfront pools and villas

A last stop on my journey of re-discovery in the Punta Cana area is the AM Resorts group brand Zoetry which features around 100 rooms in a spacious and entirely wellness focused settings.

My room is one of the “swim-out” suites with access to a private waterway. Lovely and very handy given the temperatures and humidity. It is consistently in the high 80s here this time of year.

Lobby area of the resort

Nestled between a palm grove, this intimate resort is great for couples seeking peace and quiet. The only sounds you will hear are birds chirping and a dj at the main pool from noon to 5 pm. Otherwise, it is as tranquil as it can be till 7pm when the resort gets fumigated daily to combat mosquitoes and horse flies which devoured me – even with insect spray. Sensitive to bugs? Then skip this property.

My private terrace and swim up
King bed facing the pool
Spacious bathroom accessible from both sides of the room
Spa tub with whirlpool function and rain shower head

You’ll notice that I skipped over the culinary aspects which, knowing me and my writing, tells you something. The only noteworthy item is the Dominican chilaquiles at Indigo. Stay tuned for my recap blog later today as I am in the process of packing up for my return journey. Happy Sunday to all.

One thought on “Got vaccine – Will Travel – Zoetry wellness & SPA

  1. Dear Rene,

    Too bad the food is not worth talking about as, physically, this is my favorite resort. Beautiful, architecturally pleasing; warm and welcoming and restful…perhaps too restful…hard to say. I look forward to receiving your follow-up and catching up when you get home.



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